AACS is committed to providing a work environment that is free from harassment and discrimination and provides equal opportunity for employees. Employment eligibility is open to anyone regardless of race, colour, religious creed, sex, age, disability, ancestry, national origin, veteran status, Limited English Proficiency (LEP) or any other classification protected by federal, state or local law.

Board Recruitment

Board members are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting by members, with the aim of ensuring an appropriate mix of expertise and experience. Policies and procedures facilitate the election of those people who best meet the needs of the Board and the Board also aims for a composition which will appropriately represent the interests of the various groups contained within the organisation’s common bond and represent the diversity of Australia’s peoples. The Board may attempt to recruitment members using its network of contacts to identify appropriate individuals with skills and interests that are required. When vacancies arise, such individuals will be encouraged to nominate for election.

Staff Recruitment

AACS’ staff Recruitment Policy and process involves the posting of job advertisements, shortlisting, face-to-face interviews by a panel, screening for child protection, conducting reference checks, staff orientation/induction, development of job descriptions and signing of a job contract. Advertisements for staff are listed in a variety of ways, including: placing the ad on our website, local newspaper, online through a recruitment website, through social media, via agencies and by word of mouth. Jobs may also be advertised internally for current staff and in these cases, existing staff are given priority. Community staff recruitment involves collaboration with the Department of Family and Community Services.

Staff Training and Development

We offer ongoing professional development opportunities to staff, ensuring team members can retain and improve their professional skills, learn specific materials, or acquire or renew the necessary qualifications to carry out the duties attached to their position.

Staff are also provided with additional accredited face to face training workshops, webinars, in-services, work appraisals and web-based online training opportunities. From time to time, we organise group meetings, leadership meetings and work skill meetings to brainstorm ideas, suggestions for improvements in skill levels.

We also organise employment expo events and provide student work placement opportunities for students from accredited colleges and leading universities specialised in the field of early childhood and community services.

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