How To Enrol

Enrolment process

  1.  Families and children visit the centre
  2. The child is placed on the waiting list
  3. Receive an offer
  4. Enrolment (complete an enrolment form, provide documents including birth certificate and immunisation records, receive parent handbook, centre hat, policies and procedures, questions and answers)
  5. Attend orientation

Payment of fees

Invoices are provided weekly and are due every week. Payment is required on all days your child is booked for permanent care or casual care at the centre whether they are present or absent.

If your family will be away for a longer than one week, two weeks notice must be given to cancel your booking for that period, otherwise full fees will apply.

Please note that any overpayment will be credited to your account.

For late payments, a $20 late payment fee will be incurred each week. After two weeks, you will receive a reminder notice via letter/ email requesting prompt payment or an offer to negotiate a deadline for settlement of the debt. If the fee is still due after the deadline, your child’s enrolment will be cancelled and legal procedures will commence for collection of the debt.

Should you have any question about enrolment processes or payment policies, please see the office between 9am and 5pm or contact:

Phone: (02) 96431666

Get in touch

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