Targeted Early Intervention Program

“Effective prevention and early intervention is possibly the most promising strategy for changing the trajectories of children.” ‘Better systems, better chances’ Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth 2015

Evidence shows that children’s life chances are affected by both their families and communities, and that both can be changed for the better. The TEI program delivers a wide variety of support to children, young people, families, and communities. The TEI program supports the people who need it earlier on, to make the biggest difference.

The Early Intervention Family Support Service helps to strengthen and empower the communities with activities that build cohesion, inclusion, and wellbeing regardless of their ethnical background. It aims to maintain wellbeing and safety of all CALD and Aboriginal communities with activities that support families and individuals and provide opportunities for personal development.

 Through this DCJ-funded community project, we provide:


  • Support, information, advice, and referrals for clients who are experiencing emotional, financial, recreational, health and other social welfare matters.
  • Early intervention with case management by careful assessments which help to determine needs, find out vulnerabilities such as family issues, mental health situations and especially prevention of at risk of harm
  • Assistance to clients referred by other agencies or doctors via networking and identifications via soft entry points such as playgroup and programs
  • Assistance in writing support letters, phone advocacy, referring clients to agencies that can provide additional help they need
  • Assessment of clients’ needs and planning, developing, and implementing educational workshops and support programs
  • Monitoring and reporting on the progress of clients
  • Assessing community needs and find resources to support their wellbeing, welfare, safety and other additional issues
  • Liaising with community groups, welfare agencies, government bodies and private businesses about community issues and promoting awareness of community resources and services
  • Submissions for funding and resources, and reports to government bodies and other agencies



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Targeted Early Intervention Project is funded by and delivered with the partnership of Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ)


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