Early childhood curriculum

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), the National Quality Standards and the Code of Ethics underpin our curriculum and practice at Ana Kindergarten.


Our curriculum is based on children’s interests, skills, needs and our highly qualified educators support them through planned and spontaneous experiences, also incorporating family input.


The EYLF states that: “Children’s learning is ongoing, and each child will progress towards the outcomes in different and equally meaningful ways. Learning is not always predictable and linear. Educators plan with each child and the outcomes in mind.” (Early Years Learning Framework, p.19). With this in mind, we encourage our educators to use this reference as a source of information rather than as a prescriptive checklist. Our understanding of developmental milestones supports us in effectively assessing children’s play and learning. Intentional teaching, planning and evaluation should be based on sound professional knowledge. It is our belief that when educators embed the practices and principles of the EYLF into their daily practice, the EYLF outcomes will follow, as will the capacity to meet the National Quality Standards. Reflections, observations and evaluation of our programs are available each day for families to read, and feedback.


Our approach

At Ana Kindergarten we believe in a holistic approach to early years education. Our Educational Programs are developed to cater for each childs needs and is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework. Created and delivered by our creative, experienced Educators, our educational programs cover every aspect of growth and child development.


Learning environments

Our secure indoor and outdoor learning environments are set using intentional planning and age-appropriate equipment and resources, allowing your child to be open to challenges and opportunities. At Ana Kindergarten, we provide a safe place where children can explore and promotes health and physical wellbeing wide open physical spaces.


Connection with families and the community

We recognise parents are a child’s first teacher. We believe that parents and families should have the opportunity to be involved in their child’s development. Parent and family involvement is essential in providing the best care and education in early childhood. At Ana Kindergarten, we welcome and support any opportunity for parents to actively participate in our planned program as well as providing information to guide our planning.


Learning through play

Evidence-based research shows that young children learn best through play. In order to support this theory, learning is intentionally planned in every experience they participate in, through both structured and spontaneous learning. Ana Kindergarten supports play-based learning in our everyday experiences which enhances learning opportunities whilst children enjoy doing the things they love!


Music and movement

Music & Movement supports children’s social, emotional and physical development by using musical instruments, dance, and creative movement to express themselves. At Ana Kindergarten, Music and physical activities are intentionally planned to cater for different age groups and to enhance children’s development each day.



Our experienced Educators develop strategies to support children to think and act as engineers as they plan, design, build and explore. Exploring maths by support children’s development of logic and mathematical thinking such as quantities and space and utilising technology in a safe and age-appropriate way.


Early STEM education enables children to become confident and involved learners as they move into primary school and beyond. Keen observation skills, critical thinking and problem-solving are inherently part of STEM inquiry but also essential to all areas of evolving education curriculums that focus more on applying knowledge rather than remembering knowledge. – Gowrie NSW


Transitions between rooms

Educators will observe, plan and support each child’s learning based on the EYLF Early Years Planning Cycle. As soon as a child is ready to move to Walkers, Runners or Racers room leaders will discuss the transition process with parents/caregivers and develop strategies to support each child to settle smoothly into their new learning environments.


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