Community Hub

Australian Anatolian Community Services offers more than just childcare! Our centre is a thriving community hub which offers multiple services and programs for families and the community.

Educational programs for families

Our centre also has a library area, parent committee board, classes for parents to access news and a variety of resources in addition to family support.

    We provide Community Connections through:

    • Contributing resources, time and staff to organise community events and festivals that are in line with TEI outcomes.

    We provide Social Participation through:

    • Initiating or facilitating community activities that are in line with TEI outcomes.
    • Providing our community centre as a meeting space for forums, parenting groups, youth groups, early childhood education, care or support, maternal and child health services, Aboriginal Elders, Men’s and Women’s Groups.

    We provide Community Support through:

    • Providing information/advice/ referrals. This service provides standard advice/guidance or information for individuals or families in relation to a specific topic. Referrals can be provided to another service provider or within the organisation and is effective and timely, facilitates client engagement, builds and maintains referral pathways and partnerships, and proactively helps individuals and families to easily access services and determine the way their support is provided.
    • Providing activities that encourage connectedness for community members, which would increase social inclusion and participation. For example, mentoring, leadership programs, relationship, social skills, delivered one on one or in a group.


    Our current programs under TEI reforms:

    • Parental education programs (eg. domestic violence, child development information sessions, early literacy and socialisation awareness program)
    • Life skills programs (eg. CPR, avoiding burns at home for kids and adults, driveway safety, health information awareness, rpad safety, sessions, child’s psychologist intervention sessions and Triple P)
    • Community hubs (eg. play groups, storytime sessions, children’s play parties, mum and dads’ breakfast, Auburn Library visit, cultural events, celebrations)
    • Community skills development (eg. job skills, public housing information sessions, programs to enhance awareness of social participation)

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    The Community Development Service is funded by and delivered in partnership with the Department of Family and Community (FACS).


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