Community Hub

Australian Anatolian Community Services offers more than just childcare! Our centre is a thriving community hub which offers multiple services and programs for families and the community.

Educational programs for families

Our centre also has a library area, parent committee board, classes for parents to access news and a variety of resources in addition to family support.

    We provide Community Connections through:

    • Contributing resources and staff to plan, promote and facilitate community workshops, information sessions and social events in line with TEI outcomes.

    We provide Social Participation through:

    • Initiating, promoting, and facilitating community activities that increase participants sense of belonging to their community.
    • Provision of our community center as a meeting space for forums, parenting groups, early childhood educator training, maternal and child health services, Aboriginal community workshops.

    We provide Community Support through:

    • Providing information/advice/ referrals to individuals or families seeking support and assistance in specific areas of need. Referrals are provided within the organization or to another service provider within a timely and effective manner. We proactively help and assist individuals and families to access services and provide accurate information to increase empowerment and self-determination.
    • Providing activities that encourage connectedness for community members with the aim to increase social inclusion and participation. For example, TAFE and pathways to employment information sessions, facilitating local excursions and involvement/partnership in council and other NGO programs and events.


    Our current programs under TEI reforms:

    • Parental education programs including access to NDIS early childhood intervention services, domestic violence awareness, healthy child development workshops, early literacy and numeracy development programs and online safety for young children.
    • Life skills programs such as kids’ roads and traffic safety training, women’s health awareness, and Triple P.
    • Community hubs including play groups, story time reading sessions, children dance parties, monthly parent morning teas, cultural events, and celebrations.
    • Community skills development including job and voluntary opportunities, public housing information sessions and social participation opportunities.

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    Targeted Early Intervention Project is funded by and delivered with the partnership of Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ).


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