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Ana Kindergarten

Ana Kindergarten, located in Auburn, provides high-quality long-day care,  playgroup session and various community events program for families across the community.

Family support

Our team works closely with those in need to provide vital services for families and community members, including early intervention, skills development and emergency relief.

Community Development

Our community development projects empower vulnerable members of our community to lead their lives confidently, developing their skills and improving access to resources.


Our events and workshops are designed to engage the entire community and provide opportunities for social interaction and involvement.

Being a community-based organization of long standing, I believe that Australian Anatolian Community Services have served, and continue to serve, their children and families with integrity, passion and professionalism.


All your educators are reliable, respectful, caring, and fun-loving. You are truly the best! While I am at work, my mind is always at ease because I know my daughter is in a safe place, learning and having fun with her peers. Thanks for being a positive impact on my child’s life!


My kids’ safety comes first and when they are at the centre, I know they are safe and looked after. They are reliable, clean, understanding, affordable, respectable and always easy to get in touch with. When my kids are at the centre I feel just as comfortable as they would be at home me.


The Australian Anatolian Community Services have been established and delivered services for many years within the new Cumberland Council Local Government Area. Over this time the Co-op has provided outstanding not for profit services to the Auburn LGA.


Thank you for providing a friendly atmosphere for our children where they can learn and grow. All teachers and educators are reliable, respectful, caring and fun- loving. Thank you so much for going above and beyond.


I am a mother of seven children, my eldest son is now eighteen years old and he was the first of my children to attend Ana Kindergarten, a division of the Australian Anatolian Community Services. Why do my children call Australian Anatolian Community Services home? I can outline many points, but the most important of all is that they feel the warmth, security and love and the community exactly to what they feel in their own home. As a mum that puts my heart to ease that I know my kids are in safe and happy environment.


The staff ensured that the centre complied wit all of the government accreditation requirements with an evaluation of their service by external monitoring rating the centre’s services as “exceeding requirements”. I highly recommend the centre as a well organised and effective provider of child care which is focused on child wellbeing and is held in high regard by the local community.


Ana Kindergarten
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Ayse ErdogduAyse Erdogdu
11:30 15 Jun 23
Ana Kindergarten is an outstanding early childhood learning facility that has fostered my child to develop their sense of belonging, as the staff supported my child to transition. Now my child feels apart of the Ana Kindergarten community. All staff are caring and dedicated to their roles. The teachers work hard to deliver strong educational programs to support play based learning. I get excited to read the daybook to see my child’s engagement in these learning activities. Starting childcare has been beneficial for child, as my child has improved their social, communication and motor skills through the nurturing environment that is created by the teachers. The receptionists are very helpful, professional and always greet me. I highly recommend enrolling your child to Ana Kindergarten to give them the best start at life.
as haas ha
05:08 09 Jun 23
I had all my three children in this center. The stuff is so friendly and activities is based on your child interest ( it just couldn’t be better. I love it) . my year 2 Child still get excited when he enter the center to pick up his younger sibling . also, I recommend the center to all my friends and neighbors and all love it. don’t worry about your little one that just started as i saw The lovely teachers we’ll keep them company and comforting until they are get used to the class ( just a group of angels) after that, they even don’t say bye to you when you dropped them off 😁🥰. Can’t recommend it enough.
02:59 06 Jun 23
One of the best childcare. The staff are lovely, friendly and exceptional regarding their dedication towards my child's education. They are great educators from baby class to the ready-to-school stage. I cannot express how happy we are with Ana Kindergarten. Keep up the amazing work guys.
Mon YMon Y
00:49 05 May 23
There is no other day care like Ana Kindergarten. Georgina, Fatma, Anita, Xuiling and the team are so accommodating and caring. It was reassuring to see my daughter was taken well care of. I am very happy that they gave us updates, lots of photos and their communication is superb. We are so sad to leave Ana Kindergarten and wished we can take them with us.
08:12 31 Mar 23
One of the Best long daycare in Sydney. It’s very well organised and managed, not only kids get one on one learning opportunities and extra support if there is need, they actively seek parents advice on kids likes and organise daily activities accordingly. Happy kids, happy parents.I can see the educators also get support if they need help. They work as a team and treating each other like family. Everyone looks so happy. The place is alway clean and tidy, doors, windows are always open, good air circulation. Recently they are starting a parent committee where members can contribute to the decision making that occurs within this service. This is just reached to the perfection.

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Australian Anatolian Community Services
50 Susan Street
Auburn NSW 2144

Phone: (02) 9643 1666

Community services email: info@anatolian.org.au

Children’s services email: ana@anatolian.org.au

Opening hours

Monday 7:30am – 6:00pm
Tuesday 7:30am – 6:00pm
Wednesday 7:30am – 6:00pm
Thursday 7:30am – 6:00pm
Friday 7:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday / Sunday closed

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